Table of Contents



  1. The Way to the Spring⁠—Ben Ehrenreich 
  2. The Lemon Tree—Sandy Tolan
  3. Question on Palestine⁠—Edward Said
  4. Mornings in Jenin—Susan Abulhawa (historical fiction following the massacres of 1948 through the 1967 war and beyond).  
  5. Palestinian Walks: Forays into a Vanishing Landscape⁠—Raja Shehadeh
  6. Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation⁠—Eyal Weizman
  7. The Ethnic cleansing of Palestine⁠—Ilan Pappe
  8. A Line in the Sand: Britain France and the struggle that shaped the Middle East⁠—James Barr (not Palestine specific, about the division of the Middle East)
  9. In Search of Fatima—Ghada Karmi
  10. Palestine—Joe Sacco
  11. The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World—Avi Shlaim
  12. Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life—Sari Nussaibah
  13. Extreme Rambling: Walking Israel’s Separation Barrier For Fun—Mark Thomas (a comedian’s political take on the Wall and the conflict). 
  14. Life Under Occupation—Jose Garcia
  15. The Battle for Justice in Palestine—Ali Abunimah
  16. Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1929
  17. Orientalism—Edward Said
  18. The De-Devlopment of Gaza—Sara Roy
  19. Hamas Contained—Tareq Baconi
  20. Living Emergency—Yael Berda (about the permit and ID system imposed on Palestinians by Israel). 
  21. Refugees of the Revolution—Diana Allan
  22. Notes on a Foreign Country—Suzy Hansen
  23. Back to Haifa—Ghassan Kanafani
  24. This Side of Peace—Hanan Ashrawi
  25. Dinner at the Center of the Earth (fictional love story with historical basis). 
  26. Arab/Muslim Feminist Perspective:
    1. Do Muslim Women Need Saving—Lila Abu Lughod,
    2. The Veil and the Male Elite—Fatima Mernissi,
    3. Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist—Anbara Salam Khalidi
    4. Women and Gender in Islam—Leila Ahmed


Reference for good movies/documentaries (includes several we have listed below and more): 

  1. 5 Broken Cameras
  2. Jenin, Jenin
  3. Slingshot Hip Hop (documentary on the birth of hip hop in Palestine): watch on youtube
  4. Arna’s Children: documentary about a former Israeli soldier who marries a Palestinian and moves to Jenin and becomes and activist and mentor and follows her activity and the outcomes of the Palestinian children she works with.
  5. Budrus: documentary about nonviolent resistance in Budrus village against Israeli expropriation of their land supported by Israeli activists. 
  6. Peace Propoganda and the Promised Land: documentary about US media coverage of Palestine, Israel, and the Occupation and how it creates misperceptions about what is happening, and has happened there.
  7. Omar: fictional love story about two Palestinian teenagers separated by the Wall between Jerusalem and the West Bank.