Activities & Tours:


  • Hebron: Aboud gives an amazingly in-depth cultural, historical, and political tour of Hebron highlighting the most important information about the cities complex past and present.
    • Contact him directly by WhatsApp at +972 59 908 0494 (better option for him because he won’t lose fees to the website) or you can schedule it through the website linked here.
  • Hebron: Breaking the Silence is a group of former Israeli soldiers who now work to educate Israelis and foreigners on the actions of the Israeli Army in the West Bank–they lead tours of Hebron and of the South Hebron Hills. You should note that these can be extremely eye-opening tours but since they are Israeli guides they cannot take you to the Palestinian part of Hebron city so you will miss a very important perspective of the city if you only attend this tour (I suggest going with Aboud first, and then going with Breaking the Silence after if you are still interested).
    • Note: pickup for these tours is by bus in either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, I do not believe you can join the tour in Hebron.
  • Ramallah: Moe gives tours of Ramallah city and Refugee camps and he also does cycling tours (refer to the section below).
    • Contact Moe directly at or on WhatsApp +972595954446 for prices and scheduling.
  • Han Tours: reference their website for tours of every city in the West Bank and organized activities including hiking/cycling/climbing etc.
  • Green Olive Tours: a Palestinian and Israeli tour “cooperative” recommended by friends. They offer tours throughout the West Bank, including multi-day tour packages (they also offer tours of Israel). Their prices are higher than most of the other options mentioned here.
  • Desert Tours: contact us at at least 2 weeks in advance and we can arrange a desert tour through the Jordan Valley/Palestinian Desert bordering the Dead Sea and the border between Palestine and Jordan. Minimum of at least 3 people for a tour group. Cost will be approximately 100-120 NIS per person for a 4-5 hour trip (cost for Jeep, Bedouin guide, translator, gas) and you can add lunch.


  • Palestine has a national hiking trail that runs from the North to the South of the West Bank and is called “Masar Ibrahim” or “Abraham’s Trail.” You can choose to do the full thru-hike or you can do day hikes.
  • This website has all the information you need to connect with local guides depending on which portion of the trail you want to hike, it also has great preparatory information for anyone interested in the thru-hike.
    • Under their “thru-hike” tab you can see the thru-hike that they organize twice a year that you can take part in for some or all of the 21 day thru-hike.
  • If you don’t want to coordinate your hike with one of the guides listed on the website above, you can also schedule a tour through Han Tours or Green Olive Tours which are linked in the previous section.
  • The most famous hiking book for Palestine is called Walking Palestine, and it recommends their top 25 trails in Palestine. Reference the website for more information on the trails and the book (you can buy this book at the Educational Bookstore in Jerusalem or a bookstore in Ramallah).


  • Moe’s Cycling Tours: as well as being a tour guide of Ramallah, Moe is an avid cycler and leads cycling tours of the West Bank.
    • Contact him directly at or on WhatsApp +972595954446 to set up a cycling tour (he does tours of varying difficulties, so you can be a beginner).
  • You can also arrange cycling tours through the Han Tours or Green Olive Tours websites which are linked in the “Tour” section above.

Rock Climbing:

ask Moe and Sameh about this–Ramallah based group and climbing gym?