Jericho is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world (dating back some 10,000 years). It is also your best access point for the Dead Sea within the West Bank. Within Jericho you can find ruins, an ancient monastery in the cliffs, resorts, and the lowest point on Earth—the Dead Sea. 

If you have time to visit Jericho it is worth a trip, but if you are time-limited then other cities have more to offer. 

Tourist Sites

  • Tourist Information Center: for the most comprehensive information and guide in planning your trip to Jericho, you can stop at the Tourist Info Center located on the main square of the town (where the service taxi will drop you). 
  • The Dead Sea: it is easy to find transportation to the Dead Sea from Jericho. The entry fee ranges depending on age but expect to pay somewhere between 40-60 NIS. 
    • NOTE: be careful not to get the water in your eyes and to cover open cut because this causes pain. Also, bring sandals because the sand is often burning hot in the summer. 
  • Bike Rental: Jericho is relatively flat, especially compared to the other cities in the West Bank, so close to the service station and the Tourist Center, you can rent a bike to easily get around the downtown. 
  • Monastery/Mount of Temptation: this monastery is the site where Jesus spent 40 days resisting the temptation of Satan. It can be accessed by trekking or by cable car (app. 30 NIS), and the views from the Monastery are worth the trip alone.
    • There are also a few basic restaurants at the top and places to buy drinks.  
  • Tel Al Sultan: the remains of the oldest city in the world, dating back at least 10,000 years, with signs explaining the history and significance of the different ruins. Located close to the city center and the cable car/stairs to the Mount of Temptation. 
  • Saint George Monastery: located in the cliffs of the Wadi (valley) Qelt outside of Jericho, it has free admission but you must dress appropriately in order to enter. 
  • Hisham’s Palace: this palace dates back to the 8th century, and contains some of the most well-preserved ruins from the early Islamic period in all of the West Bank (entry fee of 10 NIS). 
  • Russian Museum and Tree of Zacchaeus: holds the history of the Russian Orthodox Church within Palestine, and home to an extensive artifacts collection, and the biblical Tree of Zacchaeus. 
  • Mosaic Center: a cultural heritage center working to protect and promote the heritage of mosaic work in Palestine. They work to conserve historic mosaics and produce their own. Located on Al Quds Street. 
  • Ein Fara and Ein Fawar: you will need a private car to reach these locations. They have beautiful swimming holes and nature preserves (Israeli controlled) that are great places to picnic and swim. Ein Fawar has free entry, but Ein Fara is app 25-30 NIS per person. Ein Fara has more extensive swimming and trekking possibilities.
    • located approximately 30 minutes outside of Jericho. 


  • Barracuda Restaurant: a great fish restaurant in Jericho, with reasonably priced and deliciously prepared fish. 
  • Abu Omar: next to the main square, considered the best fried chicken in Jericho (also much cheaper if you take away than sit down). 
  • Al Essawe: located next to the main square. It serves your basic Arab food (salads, kebabs, and falafel) with a nice 2nd story terrace. 
  • Sultana Restaurant: very nice restaurant located outside the city with a great variety of food, and delicious fish. You can find their menu listed on their facebook page. 
  • Limonah: located close to the downtown has nice indoor and outdoor seating, good salads, barbecue, and shisha (full menu can be found on their facebook page).
  • Green Valley Restaurant: located between the downtown and Tel Al Sultan, it is a large restaurants with good service and nice variety.
  • Snack Chat Sandwiches: a cheaper sandwich option, with burgers/fajitas/hot dogs etc., located close to the main square.  
  • Wafella: located close to the entrance to Jericho, it has nice crepe/waffle desert options. 

Places to Stay 

  • $$$: Jericho Resort Village: a resort in every way with prices to match, but if you are looking for an upscale vacation, this resort has an amazing pool, beautiful rooms, and a very nice breakfast buffet and restaurant. 
  • $$ Auberg Inn: the best value, and personally where I recommend to my friends to stay, the owner is very kind and the location is great. 
  • $ Sami Hostel: the cheapest option in Jericho, but the price is reflected in the quality of the hostel. Although located outside of downtown, it is easy to find transportation to the city center and is a backpacker hub.